Services Disclaimer

The therapies listed on are self-healing techniques which have helped many people from around the world. This by no way implies that they will benefit everyone. We are all different, and our bodies and minds all have different healing processes. What works for one person, may not always work for another. We can’t judge how the healing process may affect one person, either its effects or how long it may take to come into effect.


These treatments and therapies aren’t guaranteed to help everybody, nor are they advised or administered by professionals trained to give you medical advice on serious medical conditions. The medical advice on isn’t intended to replace the medical advice provided to you by your healthcare professional or intended to replace your current treatment or medication.


Prices listed on are provided to give you an average estimate for sessions, and the timing and amounts which will be required. The estimates given could vary between different people. Both in the amounts required, and the time frame of treatments. Everyone suffers differently, with some people facing minor conditions, and others facing serious complications and side-effects. Comparing one person to another and how their treatment progressed can result in negative feeling which isn’t conducive to positive healing. In order to help yourself heal, you need to remain positive and face each problem on an individual basis. Not concerning yourself with how quickly or slowly others healed but instead focusing on your own healing process.

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