Akashic Records

Akashic Records

If we look at the literal definition of the word Akashic Records , we’d have to delve into its origin which comes from “Akasha”, a Sanskrit word which means ether, the substance that although is primary in nature, but dwells near us, surrounding us. In fact, it is the primary substance that we all are made of.

Akashic records, therefore, are the records of the whatever the lifeform made of Akasha did in the past, does in the present, or will do in the future. It is a multi-dimensional library that is situated in the realms of Akasha higher than the astral plane. The library is guarded by superior light beings that have no form or structure but are beings made from the purest of the rays and whose presence can be felt if someone tries to access the library.

For centuries the library has served as an origin of wisdom for those who are looking for answers – the answers that will likely govern their lives in the future.

How Has Akashic records helped the people?

The Akashic Records are themselves tablets of pure light that have the inscription of what each form of life is doing on this earth. However, not only the present actions are recorded. Based on what we do in the present, our futures are also recorded. All of the possibilities are laid out and the present that is recorded becomes the past of the following day.

In the ancient times, only revered seers and saints could access the record; however, as the time progressed and the present Age of Aquarius came, we were allowed the authority to be able to visit the place and seek spiritual guidance.

Therefore, even someone with a meager problem can access the records to seek the solution from his past lives.

Since everything that occurs in this dimensional world remains particularly the same, only varied for different individuals, there’s nothing that Akashic records cannot solve. All one has to do is strive hard to reach there and as we said, the job is not only limited to the saints and seers anymore.

The beginning of Akashic records

The divine library has existed even before the time existed. It has been recording everything that has been happening from the beginning of time till now and the process of recording is to go far beyond into the limitless future.

The diversity and the presence of Akashic Records have been stated in numerous scriptures of various religions. For example, in Torah of the Hebrew, it is referred to as “the book of remembrance. In the Bible; however, it is called “the book of life.”

In Hinduism, the deity that records every action of the living people in the records is called the Chitragupta, which according to Garuda Purana, builds the record the second any event takes places in the mortal world.

In mystical wisdom, these records are called the Akashic Records. It is evident from the sayings of certain mystics, for example, the American mystic Edgar Cayce called these records the Akashic records and to access them, he used the methods of channeling himself in the library through trance.

Not only this, Henela Blavatsky, a theosophist called the records tablets that are made of astral light and are indestructible.

It almost seems that every mystic, theosophist, or knowledgeable person has named his experience in a separate way.

Are these records amendable?

The Akashic Records are not permanent records and can be subject to change based on the source information. They evolve with time and is deeply associated with Karma – the concept of what we do.

As we alluded to the fact above, whatever we do governs what will happen to us in the future and all of these events are streamlined and recorded in the Akashic Records. The word Karma and the concept of deed recording is basically a translation of the proverb: As you sow so shall you reap. Therefore, as we go in our lives, any of our action can affect the presence of previous records and vice versa.

How can we access Akashic Records?

There are various techniques that can help us transcend to the realm of Akashic records. Depending on what you prefer, you can use the techniques of meditation, prayers, breathing techniques, and trance channeling. All of these techniques are effective and they can channel the energy of the records towards you through their Keepers.

During the channeling process, the internal conditions of a being are heightened. For example, the nerve receptors become increasingly sensitive and all of our faculties open up to receive the revelations or solutions about our problems.

Is accessing the records worth it?

The Akashic Records can give us abundant information about how the problem that we are facing occurred in the first place and how it can be solved. However, just as it is said that the solution a problem lies in the starting events, we’d have to scourge our souls to find the true healing. We’d have to use the raw information received from Akasha and guide ourselves through the solution process, all the while relying on the power of our souls for the solution to last.

If you go on asking the question “how was in my past life?”, that is seldom going to work. Instead of asking this, you’d have to ask specifically about the problem. For example, if your relationship is not working, you can ask, “This [description of your problem] is my problem for which I have been looking for a solution. There might have been similar situations in my past life. If this is so, I request information about that event and how the problem was solved in that life.”

How are the answers received?

The answers to the questions are received in the form of either a video, an audio, or any other tangible media such as taste, smell, or a combination of these. Normally, when you’d receive the answer you’d just know that it is what you’re after. However, be sure that the information that you receive would only be relevant and sufficient for the problem that you’re facing.


Akashic Records are sacred and they need to be accessed with prudence, respect, and without the involvement of evils such as ego. If anyone follows this, he’d be able to forge a strong relationship with the records and would be able to clearly interpret what they allude to.

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